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Private English and Slovak Teacher

Professional English and Slovak language teaching

My name is Peter Horváth and I work as a private English and Slovak language teacher. I offer general courses for adults and children, from individual to group form. I also specialize in business and legal English.

Peter Horváth

I have been teaching English and Slovak as a second language since 2007. I have completed my studies with a State Examination in English Language and Literature and a Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) – now known as C2. I further studied methodology of teaching foreign languages by attending many methodological seminars and passing the Cambridge exam for teachers of English – Teaching Knowledge Test. I have expanded my education by studying MBA and LL.M in English, specializing in business and law.

I have taught in several language schools and institutions as an English and Slovak teacher; later also as a mentor for Slovak teachers as a second language. I have gained experience from different teaching styles, so I can create lessons combining the best elements from various methodologies.

This is my approach

Natural teaching

I do not separate grammar from conversation. I teach clients to perceive it as a natural part of the learning process and improvement of language skills. When a client is speaking, I correct them and explain the proper forms. In this way, I essentially teach them what is most challenging for them.

Real conversation

If teaching materials are not your thing, we can skip them all altogether. I also conduct classes in the form of guided conversation. These can take the form of current events, how your day has been, your experiences, what you have watched on Netflix, all the while teaching you vocabulary, correcting mistakes and learning new grammar.

Authentic materials

I use authentic materials for listening activities, such as BBC One-minute World News, the 73 Questions show, news from Slovak TV channels, song lyrics gap-fill exercises, etc. After going through a listening activity, we talk about the given topic.

Effective note-taking

I prefer taking class notes from classes directly in the GOODNOTES app on my tablet, so no time is lost by rewriting them. During LIVE lessons, you can see the notes on a projector or APPLE TV; during ONLINE lessons, you can see them on a shared screen. After the lesson, I will send you the notes by email. If you are the type who is comfortable with rewriting notes, feel free to rewrite them. Another option is to print them or learn directly from a tablet or phone.

Precision of speech

I never rush my lessons. I teach individual subjects until they have been really mastered, and I constantly return to them later on. I use translation exercises to emphasize the differences between languages in order to prevent incorrect transfer of thoughts into a foreign language.

Targeted education

Each lesson has its own goal. Every time a client leaves knowing something new.



Individual lessons

The most effective way to learn a language is to have lessons focused on exactly what a client needs. Clients can choose what they want to study – general or a specialised language, conversation lessons or preparation for certificates. Individual lessons are the best and fastest way to make progress in a language.

I recommend one lesson per week for long-term consistent learning. Every lesson is tailored to a client’s needs, so it is not necessary to attend classes more often and increase the overall cost of a course. However, I do recommend increased frequency of lessons when a client needs to achieve significant progress in a short time.

Courses for two

They differ from individual courses in that there are two participants per class. A group of two participants also allows for more varied conversation practice with a person who is at a similar language level. These courses are suitable for those who do not feel comfortable in a class alone or want to reduce the costs. For long-term regular cooperation, I recommend one longer lesson or two shorter lessons per week.

Group courses

These courses are mainly offered to companies, the indisputable advantage being that a larger number of employees are educated at the same time. I especially recommend them to those who have already reached a certain level in a foreign language and need to practice conversation, overcome communication barriers or simply enjoy being in contact with the language and have it as their hobby.

Lessons for children and teenagers
Teaching children and teenagers is possible both individually and in groups, either aiming at overall language improvement, preparation for certificates or help with the language they are being taught at school. I highly recommend the certificate preparation, which I also undertook as a teenager. It gave me a solid language foundation, the feeling of working on something specific, and gradually a feeling of success and satisfaction, which motivated me to further my education.
Business people shaking hands together
Business and legal English

If you need to improve your language of law or business, I offer specialized courses focused on business and law. With an individual approach and a focus on specific situations, such as business meetings or legal consultations, I will provide you with the tools to express yourself confidently and precisely. Improve your professional English and communicate with confidence in your professional life.

Book a free trial lesson

In order to see the price-quality ratio for yourself, you can sign up for a free introductory lesson. You will see how the lessons are structured and how we will learn together. After the trial lesson, you can decide if you wish to start the cooperation with me.

Corporate clients

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