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Professional Business and Legal English Teaching

Are any of these situations familiar to you?

Do you have the feeling that in meetings with a business partner, even though you understand everything perfectly in your mother tongue, you cannot express your opinion and needs related to a given business case accurately?

Are you facing a meeting with an English-speaking client in a criminal matter and you cannot explain the difference between an offence and crime as comfortably and fluently as you can in your mother tongue?

Do you need to deliver a presentation for an important business tender, but you are not sure how to communicate the visual material for the presentation?

Do you want to quote from the relevant law to a foreign prospect at the first meeting on the transfer of a business share when deciding on representation by a law firm, so that it sounds really good?

Do you often use the services of an interpreter, even if you only need help with a few expressions?

You know very well that in your work you often depend on the correct sequence of words and confident expression. There are a lot of situations, if you are not sure, I will be happy to help you

I offer you the following three cooperation options:

They are suitable for those who use English as their other professional language and need pro- fessional advice on how to express themselves in the best possible way. Sometimes you just need advice on something small, but even the little things matter to make you feel more comfortable and convincing - and that’s what it’s all about. It is possible to consult even if it is literally just one longer sentence that is playing over and over in your head and you are not happy with it. Do you have an important presentation in English coming up, are you constantly going over it in your mind and are you stressed? Let’s make an appointment, I’ll help you with that and you’d better relax before the important presentation. Consultations are possible by phone, email, MS Teams, etc. They last from 15 minutes to an hour.
I recommend these classes to anyone who has a need to progress in professional English and finds that it will be difficult without progress in communicating with foreign partners. That’s why they want to hone their English skills, or don’t want to pay a lot of money for interpreting services. You can find out more about how I teach and how the lessons are run on my website, my teach- ing style applies to both general and professional English. When it comes to regular profes- sional language lessons, we determine in advance what areas we will cover and to what depth – whether it is corporate law, criminal law, new business, international accounting reports, au- diting, etc. We will talk on the topics, I will correct you and teach you how to say it better. By dis- cussing the topics from the beginning under my guidance, you will be immediately connected with the new correct expressions. We will also read articles with similar topics and discuss them.
I conduct these classes in such a way that we spend about half of the time focusing on profes- sional language, as described above, and the other half of the time focusing on general lan- guage and grammar study, so that your technical knowledge is also correctly formulated in terms of grammar.

Book a free trial lesson

In order to see the price-quality ratio for yourself, you can sign up for a free introductory lesson. You will see how the lessons are structured and how we will learn together. After the trial lesson, you can decide if you wish to start the cooperation with me.

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